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Transforming Today’s Environmental Challenges into Tomorrow’s Opportunities

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Greenfield Environmental Trusts

For nearly 30 years, Greenfield Environmental Trust Group has helped government, industry and communities remediate and revitalize contaminated sites across the United States. We have pioneered innovative ways to protect people and the environment and foster economic transformation by aligning the interests of communities, government, and industry to turn today's environmental challenges into tomorrow's assets.

As a trusted, independent steward, we are pursuing our vision to defy expectations of what can be done to safeguard people and the environment, and to be recognized as an organization without peer in solving the most complex environmental issues.

We strive to exceed the highest professional and ethical standards in all that we do, and dedicate ourselves to a distinctively creative, disciplined approach to environmental remediation and economic development. We have a record of helping businesses and communities by creating new jobs and tax revenues, and improving lives and the environment where we are privileged to work.

We are honored to accept and fulfill our fiduciary duty of loyalty to our beneficiaries.  We bring excellence, passion and unrivaled care to our work.

Greenfield’s unmatched environmental outcomes stem from our organizational culture. At its core are our values: integrity, technical excellence, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, professionalism, the ability to solve seemingly intractable problems, and the tireless pursuit of visible, lasting results.

Our values statement explains principles that guide our work:

We strive for on-the-ground results that drive positive change, right environmental wrongs, promote safe site reuse, improve the lives of current and future generations, and transform polluted sites into productive cornerstones of community and industry.



What is Greenfield?

  • A trusted and independent fiduciary for government, industry, and communities

  • A world-class strategic manager of complex federal and state hazardous waste sites

  • An award-winning, multidisciplinary environmental steward

  • The nation's oldest and most experienced federal court-appointed environmental response and custodial trustee

  • A team of experts in environmental and project management, finance, legal strategy, real estate transactions, engineering, hydrology, operations and construction




Of expertise and environmental stewardship



~~ 2 national Phoenix Awards for Superfund Site mgt. and reuse ~~EPA Site Reuse Award ~~National engineering grand award



Entrusted to Greenfield



Assets under Greenfield management


Environmental experience, ethics, and excellence. It’s all about trust.


Our Environmental Trusts

As the court-appointed trustee of six environmental and custodial trusts, Greenfield owns, cleans up and facilitates responsible reuse of hundreds of contaminated sites nationwide.

These properties range from former chemical, petroleum and manufacturing facilities, historic wood-treatment sites, mine-scarred lands and service stations. This map depicts the locations of some of Greenfield’s properties.


Greenfield environmental Trust Group

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