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Our past, present, and Future

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    Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. (Greenfield) is the country’s oldest federal court-designated environmental response and custodial trustee.

    As a trustee, Greenfield owns federal and state Superfund sites, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facilities, mine-scarred lands, and hundreds of other contaminated sites throughout the United States. We work to clean up these sites and position them for safe, sustainable reuse consistent with the goals of government, industry, and local communities.


    We Deliver Results

    Greenfield is an environmental response trust dedicated to protecting people and the environment. We are also a trustee that holds, manages and invests substantial funds dedicated to cleanup of the sites that we own.

    By collaborating with government, industry, and affected communities, we align the interests and goals of our beneficiaries and key stakeholders. We are experts in integrating productive future reuse into site remediation.



    Pioneering the Brownfields Movement

    In the first ten years after Congress enacted the Superfund laws in 1980, most Superfund sites were mired in litigation. A few were cleaned up only to be shuttered by industry—safe but mothballed.

    Greenfield began rewriting the rules of engagement after accepting our first trust appointment in 1989 and taking title to the fifth most contaminated site in the country—the Industri-plex Federal Superfund Site in Woburn, Massachusetts.

    At the Industri-plex Site, we pioneered an innovative model built on:

    • public-private partnerships
    • transparent stakeholder communications
    • initiatives integrating future land use into the cleanup

    Today, the Industri-plex Site is a high-end, mixed use development supported by new infrastructure and transportation services. “The transformation of this 245-acre site has restored Woburn’s pride, hope and economic future,” according to the former mayor of the City of Woburn, Massachusetts.


    We Clean Up Complex Sites

    Greenfield’s team of experts develops forward-thinking remediation strategies, then implements these innovative approaches in close collaboration with our beneficiaries, key stakeholders, and a host of other organizations.

    We clean up sites with the help of the most talented professionals from third-party environmental consultants. Cost-effectively managing contractors while strategically leveraging their expertise strategically, we diligently control project schedules, deliverables, performance, and compliance–with unsurpassed attention to detail.



    Achievements We’re Proud Of

    • 5th on NPL – Redevelopment of the Superfund site ranked #5 on EPA's National Priorities List of federal Superfund sites
    • 2 Phoenix Awards – National winner in 2000 and 2005
    • $340 Million – Total capital and private Investments
    • 4,300 Jobs – Created through redevelopment
    • Key to City – Received key to Plainview, Arkansas
    • Nearly 30 Years – Our experience as a trustee court appointed to protect human health and the environment

    The Greenfield Team

    Experts in Environmental Cleanup

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    Greenfield managing Principal


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