Independent Environmental Response and Custodial Trustee

As an independent expert, a court-designated trustee, and third-party environmental response fiduciary, Greenfield has turned liabilities into community assets by managing, remediating, and redeveloping contaminated sites.

We advance projects with precision, focus, and accountability to beneficiaries and stakeholders—government, industry, and communities. With our trust structure providing a critical foundation, Greenfield balances public-private interests and aligns multiple parties otherwise often at odds over environmental alternatives.  


Multidisciplinary Subject Matter Expert

Greenfield’s managing principal holds 30 years of expertise in the arena of contaminated air, water, and soil. The extensive skills of our knowledgeable team encompass the regulatory, environmental, legal, real estate, and financial fields, as well as political, communications, community outreach, and relationship-building capabilities. Greenfield’s multidisciplinary proficiency enables us to deliver fully integrated, technical outcomes.


Owner and Manager of Contaminated Properties

Greenfield has accepted court appointments and assignments that give our firm title to hundreds of contaminated properties in trust. We steward these sites into regulatory closure and reuse through responsible site management.

Managing complex sites responsibly involves a wide-ranging list of tasks and challenges: site caretaking; tax and third-party bill payments; zoning changes; title defects; on-time, on-budget cleanups; liability risks; earning the trust of regulators and communities; planning market-based, community-supported site reuse; pre- and post-closure O&M (operations and maintenance); institutional controls and compliance; property use and sale transactions; and community and media outreach.


Efficient Administrator of Contaminated Property Portfolios

Greenfield’s scalable infrastructure enables the company to control large portfolios of complex properties cost-effectively. We expertly manage an array of complicated properties—from Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) sites and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facilities to state hazardous waste sites, mine-scarred lands, former service stations, and voluntary cleanup program (VCP) properties.

With each property assigned to a Greenfield project manager, our portfolio manager provides quality assurance and quality control over each site’s management. Our infrastructure ensures that project managers effectively implement the site strategies that Greenfield’s leadership team develops in consultation with site beneficiaries.



Skilled Project Manager

As Greenfield manages projects, we hold ourselves and our contractors to exacting standards. Our project managers (PMs) have complete responsibility for advancing projects demonstrably, adhering to the Greenfield mantra of “visible progress.” We hold our consultants to the same standards. All third-party analysis and recommendations undergo thorough review. We rigorously monitor the specifics of every budget and schedule, and the quality and performance of all project personnel.


Master Environmental Strategist  

Greenfield’s strategy of investing finite resources in site cleanup—instead of needless studies or technically questionable consultant recommendations—sets us apart. We advance technically sound approaches and methods based on essential factors: risk, funding, site-specific opportunities and constraints, market data, beneficiary and client needs, community sensitivities, and constant, iterative regulatory interaction and support.


Environmental Actions Expert

Greenfield optimizes the design and performance of environmental actions before and during implementation. From preliminary site investigations and remedial design through remedial construction and closure, we move projects forward—all while performing important day-to-day tasks: treatment plant operations, compliance monitoring and reporting, and consistent information exchange with regulators, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.


Finance, Accounting, and Treasury Manager

Greenfield manages the investment and safekeeping of hundreds of millions of dollars in trust dedicated to environmental protection.

Greenfield’s in-house certified public accounting, finance, and treasury team maintains a strong financial control environment. It develops investment policy statements, and handles cash management, fund receipts, disbursements, budget preparation and compliance, reconciliations, quarterly and annual reporting, and taxes. Third-party, independent accountants and auditors provide review and audit functions to support Greenfield’s financial services and controls.  


An Expert in Resolving Environmental Disputes

Resolving environmental conflicts requires skilled professionals with in-depth, real-world knowledge of field conditions, technical data, remedial designs and alternatives, risk-based standards, and insights into federal and state regulatory and enforcement needs.

Managing disagreements demands hands-on experience with the responsibility of performing environmental actions under various government programs.