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Multistate Environmental Response Trust

- 2011 to present -


In 2011, Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC took title in trust to hundreds of contaminated sites throughout the country that were once owned by Kerr-McGee and its affiliated companies, at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 22 state governments, and Tronox (formerly known as Kerr-McGee).

As part of the Tronox bankruptcy settlement,  we assumed responsibility for ownership, cleanup, and facilitating redevelopment of complex properties in 31 states—from Florida to Idaho and New York to Nevada. The properties include: 4 federal Superfund (CERCLA) sites; and 6 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facilities; thousands of acres of mine-scarred lands; a portfolio of more than 250 former service stations; and numerous other contaminated sites.

Greenfield is entrusted with more than $1 billion dedicated to site management, investigation, remediation, and facilitating redevelopment.

As trustee of the Multistate Environmental Response Trust (the Multistate Trust), Greenfield collaborates closely with our beneficiaries and partners, with impacted communities and stakeholders. We take pride in our ability to align the diverse, sometimes conflicting interests of involved parties.

We invest in the local economies by hiring locally and relying on area resources whenever possible. We keep the public and the impacted communities engaged in our remediation and reuse activities.

We invest in the local economies by hiring locally and relying on area resources whenever possible.

Multistate Trust by the Numbers

  • About $1.25 Billion – Targeted environmental and administrative funds entrusted to the Multistate Trust as part of the Tronox bankruptcy settlement

  • 4 Federal Superfund Sites – Multistate Trust-owned federal Superfund (CERCLA) Sites

  • 6 RCRA Facilities – Multistate Trust-owned Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facilities

  • 259 Owned Service Station Sites – Transferred to the Multistate Trust to own, clean up and sell

  • 31 States – Locations of Multistate Trust-owned sites where industrial, terminal, wood treatment, chemical, land farm, and mining operations were conducted

  • 1,292 Non-Owned Service Station Sites – The Multistate Trust received targeted environmental funds for these sites

  • 1,077 Non-Owned "Other Sites" – Federal- and State-lead sites eligible for funds from the “Other Sites” program that the Multistate Trust is administering


Multistate Trust-Owned and Funded Sites

As trustee, Greenfield owns and manages 25 major, federal and state hazardous waste properties across the United States, which we are remediating with funds earmarked for each site and facilitating the safe redevelopment and long-term stewardship of the sites. These major sites include:

  • Jacksonville, Florida – We are remediating and preparing for the future redevelopment of a federal Superfund Site located on the St. Johns River in the industrial port area of Jacksonville.  We have worked to involve local residents and other stakeholders in shaping the cleanup and reuse of the 31-acre site that was formerly used to make fertilizer and pesticide. Visit our Jacksonville, FL website here.

  • Navassa, North Carolina – We are performing site investigations, remediation studies and reuse planning for a 245-acre federal Superfund site once used for wood treating. We recently led the effort to identify community-supported, environmentally and economically sustainable future reuses of the site.

  • Columbus, Mississippi – Our investigations found soil and groundwater contamination in several areas of the 90-acre former wood-treating facility, which is now a federal Superfund site. We have remediated and reconstructed stormwater ditches off-site and begun early removal action on former operating areas on-site. We have implemented a local, minority training and hiring program that has ensured that cleanup funds are reinvested in the community. We have also launched an initiative to engage local citizens in shaping plans for future development of the site. Visit our Columbus, MS website here.

  • Soda Springs, Idaho – We are currently implementing a time-critical removal action and demolition of former process building facilities on this 547-acre federal Superfund site that was once used to manufacture vanadium. We are also working with the City of Soda Springs on a host of community engagement and charitable projects.

Progress at the Superfund Site in Soda Springs, Idaho

Progress at the Superfund Site in Soda Springs, Idaho

  • Mobile, Alabama – We have been working closely with the State of Alabama to recycle and to remediate 56 acres of impoundments where Kerr-McGee deposited manufacturing by-products and determine the best way to dispose of the radioactive iron oxide waste generated by the titanium dioxide plant that formerly operated at the 660-acre site.


Multistate Trust-Owned and Non-owned Service Station Sites

Greenfield assumed ownership and responsibility for nearly 260 former service stations in a number of states. In addition, we accepted responsibility for 1,292 service stations that we don’t own.


Settlement of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Litigation

In 2005, Kerr-McGee Chemical Corporation transferred contaminated sites into the spin-off company Tronox, without the funds to clean up the sites. Kerr‐McGee then sold its most valuable oil and gas assets to Anadarko Petroleum Corporation. In 2009, unable to pay for site cleanups, Tronox filed for bankruptcy. In 2011, the global Tronox bankruptcy settlement created the Multistate Trust and allocated a percentage of interest in the United States-led fraudulent conveyance lawsuit against Kerr-McGee and Anadarko.

In 2013, the federal court, having found Kerr-McGee and Anadarko guilty of fraud, approved a $5.15 billion settlement for the benefit of the United States, the settling states, and communities in what was then the largest U.S. environmental settlement.

As chair of the advisory board of the trust responsible for prosecuting the case against Anadarko, Greenfield played a key leadership role in the successful outcome of the case that resulted in the receipt of $1.146 billion from the settlement for management, cleanup, and revitalization of its sites.

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Multistate Trust’s Other Sites

The Multistate Trust is also tasked with coordinating, performing and funding environmental cleanup actions at thousands of so-called “Other Sites” throughout the nation, using the $135 million received from the Anadarko settlement.


Multistate Trust Portfolio Management

Our managing principals together have more than 50 years of multidisciplinary experience as court-appointed environmental response and custodial trustees. The Greenfield team consists of talented, veteran program and project managers, including environmental strategists; experts in hydrogeology, engineering, and environmental science; attorneys specializing in environmental, real estate, bankruptcy, and corporate law; property management professionals; specialists in financial affairs, including accounting, treasury, investment, and business management; and communications professionals.

Greenfield manages the Multistate Trust portfolio by leveraging high-performing contractors, using comprehensive project controls, and paying close attention to the site-specific needs of our beneficiaries and stakeholders.


Communicating with Lead Agencies, Beneficiaries, and Stakeholders

Greenfield is committed to honest, transparent, and respectful communications with all beneficiaries and stakeholders—industry, local government, neighbors, and residents. We earn the trust of stakeholders and align their interests by engaging in proactive communications and building close relationships with the communities where we work. Multidisciplinary expertise, uncompromising integrity, deep personal commitment, and experience-based actions are hallmarks of Greenfield—and they explain our success.


Hiring Local First and Mitigating environmental injustice. 

Work and testing at the Superfund Site in Columbus, Mississippi

Work and testing at the Superfund Site in Columbus, Mississippi

Many of our sites are located in environmental justice communities where minority, low-income, and other vulnerable populations shoulder a disproportionate burden of pollution and contamination.

Greenfield tries to strengthen local economies by hiring qualified area businesses when possible. Greenfield supports efforts to recruit and train under- or unemployed residents and provide on-the-job experience needed to secure long-term jobs in the environmental sector. In Mississippi, Greenfield supports, mentors, and employs J5 GBL, a local, minority-owned business that has created numerous jobs to offset the damage caused by legacy contamination from a federal Superfund site.


Acting Efficiently. Driving Progress. Treating Trust Money As Our Own.

Large, complex, costly cleanup projects require controls to ensure efficient, value-added use of finite funds. Through an approach that marries critical thinking and visioning with optimal tools and technologies, Greenfield pursues visible progress to achieve the cost effective closure of each site. We are committed to realizing the best possible environmental results and maximum investment return.


Redeveloping and Selling Property to Fund Future cleanup

Greenfield expertly manages complex, multiparty property sales and engages local government and communities in developing and implementing reuse plans for its sites. To date, we have sold hundreds of sites, generating millions of dollars in proceeds to fund cleanup of other sites within the Greenfield portfolio and helping to create new jobs and community assets.

In 2015, Greenfield sold a former petroleum terminal to the Jacksonville Port Authority, generating more than $700,000 to fund cleanup of other sites. We sold a former petroleum facility in Nashville, Tennessee, to The Trust for Public Land in 2015 for $2.5 million, and a mining site in Polk County, Florida, to Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC in 2016 for $2.73 million, with sale proceeds to fund cleanup of other sites.

At the Kerr-McGee federal Superfund sites in Navassa, North Carolina, and Columbus, Mississippi, Greenfield has engaged a broad cross-section of stakeholders in redevelopment planning that integrates future reuse into site cleanup.


Accounting, Treasury, and Investment Controls

The Multistate Trust holds and manages more than $1 billion to fund responsible site management, cleanup, and reuse. Accounts are segregated, held by major financial institutions, and invested by the Greenfield team, which includes some of the nation’s top-rated asset managers, in accordance with beneficiary-approved investment policies.


Environmental Response Contracting Opportunities

As a fiduciary, Greenfield often seeks competitively priced proposals from third-party contractors. Once engaged by our company, a contractor is held strictly accountable for delivering services and products that reflect Greenfield’s high standards of responsibility and excellence. Any company interested in potential work opportunities should send a Statement of Qualifications to


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